Oil advisory

On the road with engine trouble and aren't sure about what oil your car needs? Check a nearby billboard.


advertiser: Castrol

Oil manufacturer Castrol is displaying personalized messages on billboards in the UK that advise motorists about which engine oil is right for their car. No, they are not sentient billboards that can see into the engines of the cars that pass beneath them, nor is it some sort of Jedi mind trick. The company is using traffic cameras that conduct spot checks of passing cars, picking up their registrations and matching them to the make and model of the car via the UK’s DVLA vehicle database. A message to the driver with the correct oil recommendation fpr their car’s engine is flashed on digital billboards further down the road. It’s the first time in the UK that personalized messages have been communicated on advertising billboards. Motoring expert Quentin Willson, formerly of the show Top Gear, explains more in this video.