Polar tweetberg

How do you say 'save the polar bears' in less than 140 characters? Oh...just like that.


advertiser: Toronto Zoo
CD: Christina Yu
copywriter: Daniel Bonder
AD: Stephanie Yung
digital director: Nery Orellana
account director: Amanda Gaspard
producer: Brie Gowans
illustrator: Shingo Shimizu
developer: Jamie Kaiser

With the power of your tweets combined, you might not be able to summon Captain Planet, but you can help to raise awareness about melting Arctic ice and the plight of the polar bear. Lowe Roche developed this Twitter campaign called Polartweets for Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservation. The site depicts a polar bear sitting atop an iceberg made up of eco-friendly words sourced in real time from Twitter. The more eco-friendly tweets, the larger the iceberg grows, but the more silent people stay, the more it begins to ‘melt.’