Stuffed Aid

If this wasn't for a great cause we'd be slightly creeped out by this army of singing plushies.


advertiser: Ikea

To promote a social initiative that donates $1 to UNICEF and Save the Children for every soft toy it sells until Christmas Eve, Ikea developed an interactive component on its website that stars its soft toys in a plush version of the ’80s concert Live Aid. ‘Soft Toys Aid’ allows users to sing along, joining a massive human/toy choir. Visitors select a toy to represent them, and with a click can sing and control the dance movements of their chosen character. The funds raised from Ikea’s ‘$1 is a Fortune’ campaign will go to educational projects in more than 30 countries, which is a good thing, we think. We’d much rather have an army of stuffed animals out to make the world a better place than one bent on taking it over, and ruling with a stuffing-filled fist.