The air in there

Dust mites are nasty when you see them up close and in 3D. It's even nastier knowing they're floating around in the air in your home.


advertiser: 3M, Filtrete
agency: Due North Communications
creative team: Dave Pigeon, Mike Jones
VP account director: Marianne Lawless
website: Dashboard
photo & photoshopping: Ian Campbell, Westside

Toronto-based Due North Communications did up this print ad to promote 3M‘s Filtrete air cleaning furnace filters, illustrating that you may not know just how dirty the air in your home is due to mold spores, pollen and dust mites. The print execution depicts a dining room sideboard with plates, candles and a silverware box that resembles a pollution-producing factory. Attached are a pair of 3D glasses and directions to head to, where you can get info and see 3D images of the nasty little critters infiltrating your airspace.