Sugar streak

Here's a festive choose-your-own-adventure viral to sink your teeth into.


advertiser: Koodo Mobile
agency: Taxi 2
executive CD: Lance Martin
digital CD/AD: Peter Gomes
writer: Mike Blackmore
writer (MTL): Josianne Cossette
integrated producers: David Isaac, Kevin Saffer
account management: Shawna Donnelly, Caleb Goodman, Sylvie Bergeron
directors: Chris Woods, Jeff Low
prodco: School Editing
editors: Mark Paiva, Stephen Sora
audio production/scoring: Company X
strategists: Cory Pelletier, Nicole Polivka
video seeding: The Viral Factory
media agency: Media Experts

Websurf through Youtube as fast as you can cause Koodo Mobile wants you to catch its gingerbread man. In the spirit of the holidays, the wireless provider had Toronto-based Taxi 2 develop this choose-your-own-adventure viral on its Youtube channel. Accompanied by a funky 1970s chase scene soundtrack, you pursue a very limber gingerbread dude through buildings, down streets and across rooftops around Toronto. If you take the wrong turn, the fast cookie gets away. Following the right path will have some delicious consequences. There may even be balloons.