Cockneyed curry

Get a Jimmy Cliff of Babur's Ruby Murray and you'll be Hank Marvin.


advertiser: Babur
agency: Dentsu Canada
creative catalyst: Glen Hunt
AD: David Glen
writer: Glen Hunt
production: Sabrina Turcotte, Narine Artinian
printing: Toronto Lakeshore Design

You might be wondering to yourself what the heck the teaser line to this particular stimulant entry means. It’s Cockney rhyming slang for ‘get a whiff of Babur’s curry and you’ll be starving.’ Cockney is a slang language used by those from London, England who are born within earshot of Bow Bells, and what Dentsu Canada decided to use in the above poster, one of a series promoting Toronto-based Indian restaurant Babur‘s curry, adding to a decidedly British promotional theme. Our stance? Well, Ruby Murray is Robin Hood, but Ruby Murray in Cockney is better, and for a spicy dish it makes it a Hoppin’ Pot cooler.