Inglorious samurai spirit fiction

Thank goodness Quentin Tarantino wasn't actually wielding a Samurai sword in this...interesting...commercial.


advertiser: Softbank

How do you sell something as crazy as a cell phone speaker shaped like a white dog? You play to your bonkers USP and call Quentin Tarantino. Which is why this commercial for Japanese wirelessco Softbank, like the Chewbacca Defense, makes no sense. And not just because it’s in Japanese. Firstly, Tarantino plays Uncle Tara-chan of the white family, which consists of a Softbank saleswoman, an African-American comedian brother, a seemingly normal Japanese mom and a white furry dog dad. Even with the English translations we’ve come across, this commercial makes no sense. Tarantino busts in, swings around a pretend samurai sword, takes a call from his wife in America, gets in trouble for something or other, bolts out the door, and dog dad gets the last word. We sum up this commercial with one word: Awesomeness.