Merry minion

Cossette West gives the gift of the sycophant.

This guy will do just about anything, including picking up dog poo and garbage (which curiously takes the form of a bra in this video from Cossette West). The Merry Minion is the agency’s super-enthusiastic office administrator Narcis Anton. He executed approximately 123 good deeds at all different locations, including the downtown eastside and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

‘If anyone suggested a task, Cossette West did everything we could to deliver personalized good deeds on their behalf. Narcis was the real hero; he took a break from his regular job to make it happen and we are thrilled on how it all came together,’ says CMO Taya Hawes-Puiu.

All these good deeds, plus the jingle is super catchy, and who doesn’t want a minion for the holidays? No one, that’s who.