Brokeback boxes

A lot of the time, holiday shopping can be a massive pain.


advertiser: Motrin
agency: Taxi 2
executive CD: Lance Martin
AD: Mike Blanch
writer: Alanna Nathanson
account director: Patrick O’Donovan
account manager: Daniel Langer-Hack/Jill Patterson
promotional agency: Fugitive Glue

Motrin, with the help of Taxi 2, put together this stunt at Toronto’s Dundas Square to demonstrate how having it in the house might come in handy when your holiday shopping is wrapped. Judging by the posture of the gent in this photo, he might need a little more than some pain relief to help him get over the holiday rush. We’re sure that by this point you’ve realized that the person underneath all of those boxes isn’t in fact bending that way. There’s some holiday magic for you.