Try this on for thighs

What do you do when the meat market's got you down?


advertiser: The Sprout
agency: Target
CD: Tom Murphy
creative group head: Jenny Smith
copywriter: Sarah Park
AD: Natrix Ma
photographers: Ned Pratt, Dejan Vuchichevic

This guy looks like he has become weary of the unduly glorified meat market that is the bar scene, and the copy in this ad, developed by St. John’s-based Target, reads: ‘I never have trouble getting my hands on a plump breast or thigh. But it’s always the same. I’m not fulfilled. And the experience leaves me feeling tired and greasy afterward. I’m looking for something new. Fresh. Stimulating.’ But the ad is for The Sprout restaurant – a vegetarian eatery - and this guy hasn’t lost his appetite for homogenous bar babes, he is quite literally sick of the lack of variety in the meat market. To that we say, dude…you’re crazy.