A fang-tastic cafe

Would you like some more blood with your coffee?


Advertiser: Maple Pictures
VP marketing: Joanna Miles, Maple Pictures
director of creative services: Christine Gresham
manager, publicity & promotions: Jennifer Rashwan
marketing coordinator: Matthew Taylor
promotional agency: Juxtaproductions

To promote its new vampire movie Daybreakers – a film in which the majority of humanity has been turned into vampires by a plague – Maple Pictures teamed up with outdoor advertising sign studio, Toronto-based Juxtaproductions, to do something a little different in an abandoned store front on Toronto’s Queen Street, right across the street from the MuchMusic building. They turned the space into a coffee shop, but not just any coffee shop, a vampire cofee shop. Inside, a menu featured an assortment of flavoured coffees, each one with ’20% more blood.’ Newspapers lined the windowsill with a headline that read, ‘China to Stop All Blood Exports.’ Undead, blood-loving baristas stood behind the counter with bags of blood hanging inside the glass fridges behind them. And signage outside read, ‘Capture Humans. Make a Difference Today.’ Hmm. Sounds like a great place to grab a bite…ha!