A fairy tale ending?

This isn't how the story's supposed to go.


advertiser: Maryse Perreault, Marie-Claude Clermont, Amelie Marcotte-Losier, Literacy Foundation
agency: Bleublancrouge
CD: Gaetan Namouric
AD: Frederic Roux
writer: Maxime Paiement
client services: Carol Jungpeter
project manager: Audrey Besner
agency production director (print): Eve Mathieu
photographer: Alain Desjean
agency production coordinator (TV): Lisa Arduini
director: Jean-Michel Ravon
DOP: Andre Turpin
prodco: La Fabrique d’Images
post production: Buzz Images
music buying: Joss Dumas, AudioZ
music: 4 Monkeys
sound: AudioZ

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Gift of Reading, the Literacy Foundation shows that when children aren’t encouraged to read, the consequences facing the denizens of storybook land are quite dire. It’s not just imagination that dies in this campaign by Bleublancrouge.