A Playboy’s reality

Having a bad date? Go home and watch Playboy TV. That’ll help. A lot.


advertiser: Playboy TV
agency: Zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
CD: Kevin Lynch
AD: Chad Verly
copywriter: Geoff Berg
agency producer: Dave Medlock
strategic planner: James Powell
project manager: Emily Robinson
managing director: Christian Mathieu
prodco: Circle Productions
producer: Geoff McLean
director: Sean Turrell
executive producer: Michael Korchinsky
post company: Panic and Bob
editor: Matthew Kett
audio recording/music production company: Form

When you’re on a date and the girl expresses through thought-cloud that she wants to stab you with her fork, it’s never a good situation. Especially when the date sucked to begin with. Thank goodness for Playboy TV. And as their new ad, crafted by Zig, shows, dates are always more fun with Playboy playmates. Even if they’re only on TV.


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