Aaron Rose likes to do it himself

Aaron Rose tells us about the do-it-yourself movement and why every ad should be a work of art.

Aaron Rose is a man of many talents. Among other things, he’s an artist, writer, musician, curator, film director and just a really hip guy. He’s worked for MTV producing collaborations with artists like Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, he co-curated the Beautiful Losers museum exhibition, which he spun into an award-winning feature documentary of the same name and he worked with Nike on the Undeafeated Billboard Project, which saw the works of various artists, specializing in both fine and street art, put up on a billboard on top of an Undefeated store in L.A., a place where such work wouldn’t normally be displayed. While he was in the T Dot for our Shift Disturbers event, we chatted one-on-one with him about the DIY art movement, the relationship between fine art and advertising and taking inspiration from subtleties.