Andrew Simon plays games

DDB Canada's SVP/CD on why his office is full of board games, what he looks for in an employee (hint: don't be an asshole) and what he really thinks of working for Frank Palmer. Plus, a special cutting-room-floor quiz!

Andrew Simon, SVP/CD at DDB Canada, talks to stimulant about why he loves Droga5‘s Net10 work, what it takes to work for him and why creatives shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

Special Bonus Quiz! How well do you know Andrew? Take this quiz based on footage from stimulant‘s cutting-room-floor to find out. First person to email Annette ( with all the right

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answers wins a smug sense of self-satisfaction!

1. Which character on The Hills is Andrew most similar to?

a) Lauren

b) Spencer

c) Lo


2. Which of the following was NOT in Andrew’s office during stimulant‘s visit?

a) Balloon animals

b) Toys

c) Lifesize model of Bob Scarpelli


3. Which sport did Andrew tell stimulant he’s a big fan of?

a) Hockey

b) Wrestling

c) Soccer