Auto props

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that's what the Legacy means to me.


CD: Andrew Simon
AD/creative lead: Todd Mackie
copywriter/creative lead: Denise Rossetto
interactive CD: Dre Labre
interactive AD: Missy Kelley
interactive copywriter: Leilah Ambrose
account: Michael Davidson, Geoff Taylor, Jeff Huether, Brian Tod
media: OMD, Michelle Jairam, Meri Ward, Sonia Soares
French translation: Groupe Rinaldi
director: Tim Godsall
editor: Griff Henderson
music: Imprint
music director: Fraser Macdougal
agency producer: Andrew Schulze
photographer: Frank Hoedl
photography house: Westside Studio
production: Rose-Ella Morrison
studio: Ad Rules, Jane Davies
printer: Keystone Studios
video production: Electric Company
director: Ron Gervais
flash development: Tribal DDB
producer: Damian Nimeck
audio production: Pirate Studios Toronto
french direction: Ariane France Smith
production: Jennifer McConville
printing: Transcontinental PLM
data/laser/lettershop: Transcontinental PLM

Are you the owner of a reliable, efficient four-door sedan, but have the sinking suspicion that your friends talk smack behind your back about how much of a douche you look like behind the wheel of such a boring, uncool car? Like Rodney Dangerfield, do you feel like you can’t get any respect? Subaru Canada‘s launched this new campaign, developed by DDB Canada in Toronto, to let you know that respect is just a newly redesigned Subaru Legacy away. If you get one, not only will your friends respect you, but so will birds and inanimate objects.