Bad comedic timing

There's a time and a place for a good laugh. The locker room shower is probably not on that list. 


advertisers: Just for Laughs
agency: Zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
CD/AD: Aaron Starkman
writers: Aaron Starkman, Stephen Leps, Jason Buback
agency producers: Sheri Hachey, Karen Blazer
planners: Mark Aronson, JJ Sullivan
executive producer: Sam MacLaren
online producer: Laura Pasko
editor: Brian Williams
online artist: Andrew Hobbs
assistant editor: Barry Potter
online assistant: Adam Graham
director: Jesse Shamata
producer: Tom Evelyn, Amanda Campbell
executive producers: James Davis, Peter Davis
DOP: Doug Koch
casting: Fade To Black
audio producer: Ted Rosnick
engineer: Tyson Kuteyi
sound design: Vlad Nikolic

Zig in Toronto developed this commercial to promote the Toronto Just For Laughs Festival, which is part of a campaign that also includes radio, print, online and various interactive bits. The TV and radio spots feature highlights from popular stand-up routines, pointing out that the festival, when compared to other, less accommodating venues, is the most well-suited time and place for comedy. We’d normally try to make some sort of joke here but we broke our funny bones a long time ago…or at least by the time we finished writing this entry. Woka, woka.