Bon vieux temps

When 1968 wasn't retro, Hertel products were green.


advertiser: Hertel, Lavo
agency: Allard Johnson Communications
VP creative: Luc Perreault
AD: Stéphane Raymond
copywriter: BenoƮt Mendreshora
account management: Caroline Roy
producer: Mélanie Duguay
production: Radio-Canada
sound: Audio Z

Even before the recycling revolution, Hertel’s products were biodegradable. This French TV spot from Allard Johnson Communications and Lavo’s Hertel, promotes the line’s eco heritage (since 1968). The spot signs off with the tagline ‘Hertel. Green is nothing new to us!’ Wow… 1968… the Beatles had launched ‘the White Album’, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, Pierre Elliott Trudeau became Canada’s 15th Prime Minister, and (as the ad says) ‘the only things that ever got recycled were cereal box tops used to make noise in bicycle spokes.’