Chip Kidd’s inspired by all things New York City

Chip Kidd tells us about a book cover that he wished he could have done and how Batman and New York are mutually exclusive. 

Chip Kidd is a man of many talents. Based in New York, he is, among other things, a graphic designer who has revolutionized the art of American book packaging, an author with titles under his belt including the best-seller The Cheese Monkeys and the lead vocalist, percusionist, lyricist and co-songwriter in a band called Artbreak. And, like us, he is a big fan of Batman. While he was in town for our Shift Disturbers event, we were able to spent a bit of time mano-a-mano with Kidd and talked about living in, and being influenced by New York, a book cover he wish he could have made, but mostly we just couldn’t resist having a good gab with him about the caped crusader.