Chip’s Motors

The cars in this guy's lot look eerily similar. About as eerie as his singing voice.


advertiser: Audi
agency: Lowe Roche
CD: Geoffrey B. Roche
director (of the viral): Christina Yu
writers: Rob Sturch, Simon Craig
AD: Patrick Shing
account director: Keith Barry
account managers: Andrew Carty, Vidas Kubilius
producers: Brie Gowans, Trish Quenneville, Helen Dedrick-Williams, Terri Vegso

We came across two viral videos on YouTube that tease a website,, and feature a gentleman named Chip who, along with his wife (love the magician’s assistant-inspired costume changes) is desperately trying to sell his collection of boxy SUVs with over-the-top sales pitches. This one involves a song and dance routine worse than what you’re probably imagining. We suggest that he try to sell vehicles that are, you know, not made of cardboard. Our friends at Lowe Roche would suggest the new Audi 2009 Q5. What a shocker. Check out the second video here