Clowning around

You never know what you might see on the roadside.


advertiser: Carstar Automotive Canada
agency: Wild Mouse
AD: Jamie Way
CD: John Farquhar
account director: Dennis Edell
account executive: Baz Bassi
production: Brown Entertainment
director: Jamie Way
executive producer: William Cranor
producer: Greg Horton
DOP: Ian Leech
editor: Adrian Carter
post production: Shark Teeth Films
animation director: Adrian Carter
VFX supervisor: Bob Yoshioka
model & texture: Brian Dig
rigging: Joe Kim
animation: Sean T. Craig
sound design & mix: Roger Leavens, Boombox Sound
music: Roger Leavens

Ever since we stayed up late and watched Stephen King’s It as children, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a good clown ass-kicking. Especially when it’s two clowns kicking each other’s asses to the appropriate musical stylings of Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. That being said, as this spot for Carstar by Toronto-based Wild Mouse shows, if you want to avoid visiting Carstar, a rousing clown beat-down is still no reason to take your eyes off the road.