Coke heist

Insects steal the show for Coca-Cola at the Emmys.


advertiser: Coca-Cola
agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
CDs: Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady
ADs: James Moslander, Lee Jennings
copywriter: Marc D’Avignon
senior agency producer: Matt Hunnicutt
associate agency producer: Juliana Montgomery
director: Psyop
Psyop CDs: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
Prodco: Psyop, Los Angeles
executive producer: Neysa Horsburgh
live action producer: Michael Schlenker
VFX producer: Tina Chiang
post-production coordinator: Thomas Knight
editor: Brett Nicoletti
storyboard artist: Josh Wiesenfeld
VFX supervisor/CG lead: Andrew Romatz
VFX supervisor/lead Flame artist: Thibault Debaveye
2D desktop supervisor: Lane Jolly
animation lead: John Velazquez
lighting lead/look development TD: Mike Dalzell
fluid simulation: Scanline VFX
pre-visualization: Mike Makara , Todd Constantine, Sarah Bocket, John Cherniack, Jan Bitzer
senior animator: Yvain Gnabro
animators: Alejandro Castro, Joon Lee, Frantz Vidal, Maxime Devanlay, Zee Myers
FX: Jan Bitzer, Kiel Gnebba,
flame artists: Alex Kolasinski, Sarah Eim
compositors: Jared Sandrew, Michael Dobbs, Miguel Bautista
senior lighter: Kyle Cassidy
lighter/look development: Katie Yoon, Wendy Klein
lighters: Ian Ruhfass, Barry Kriegshauser
modelers: Clay Osmus, Andy Kim
modeling/generalist: Bryan Repka
rigger/generalist: Petrik Watson
riggers: Sean Comer, James Parks, David Bosker
roto/paint artists: Krystal Chinn, Austin Brown, Scott Baxter
music/sound design: Stimmung
arranger: Robert Miller
song: Peter and the Wolf
music executive producer: Kelly Fuller
sound design: Gus Koven
mix: Lime
mixer: Loren Silbur
assistant mixer: Lindsey Alvarez
mix producer: Jessica Locke

This spot by Widene + Kennedy for Coca-Cola shows that ants aren’t the only bugs that know how to ruin a pic-nic. It also shows that insects are not just shockingly adept at orchestrating a successful and multi-faceted heist, they’re also very good at stealing Emmys. This commercial beat out spots like Hulu’s alien Alec Baldwin for the win.