Dashboard confessional

PartSource doesn't want you to freeze your parts off.


advertiser: PartSource
agency: Lowe Roche
CD: Geoffrey Roche
associate CD/AD: Sean Ohlenkamp
writer: Rob Sturch
producer: Brie Gowans
compositor: Sean Cochrane, Crush
sound: Brendan Quinn, Pirate Radio & TV
account director: Somer Turnbull
strategic planner: Andrew Carty

One thing most people can agree on is that winter sucks. Also, that you should always pay attention to the lights on your car’s dashboard. As this quick spot by Lowe Roche for PartSource promoting its ‘Don’t Freeze Your Parts Off’ event illustrates, when your car wants antifreeze you’d better give it some, or else it’ll give you something to cry about.