David Baldwin’s taking his life into his own hands

David Baldwin dishes on the One Club, Art & Copy, and why a recession is the perfect time to open an agency.

A recession may not seem like the best time to be start a new ad agency, but David Baldwin did it anyways, recently opening the doors to his own brand new shop Baldwin&. As busy as that’s kept him, he’s continued to tackle other time consuming projects like serving as executive producer on the doc about titans of the ad industry Art & Copy, which premiered at Sundance. On top of that, he’s also the chairman of New York’s One Club, the force behind the One Show, not to mention performing in a mock rock band called Pants!

We sat down with Baldwin mano-a-mano during our Shift Disturbers event and asked him to tell us about his experiences making Art & Copy, and to share some tips about opening an agency when everyone else seems to be tanking.