Eat Canada

We have a lot of food in Canada, but are we self-sufficient? Hellmann's doesn't think so. Man, we're lazy.


advertiser: Hellmann’s
agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto
CD: Nancy Vonk
AD: Ivan Pols
writer: Siobhan Dempsey
producer: Brenda Surminski
account supervisor: Coby Shuman
account director: Aviva Groll
prodco: Sons & Daughters
director: Steve Gordon
DOP: James Brylowski
online producer: Kate Dale
VFX/post production: Crush
Crush CD: Gary Thomas
CG designer: Stefan Woronko
CG flame artist: Aylwin Fernando
line producer: Stephanie Pennington
executive producer: Jo-ann Cook
online editor: Greg Dunlop
music: Pirate

This viral video – which is really more of a documentary than anything – developed by Toronto-based Ogilvy & Mather and Crush for Hellmann‘s, has been getting a lot of play online. That’s a good thing considering that it’s informing Canadians that though we have an abundance of food and farms in our country, a lot of what we eat isn’t actually Canadian. Hellmann’s, which is made from ingredients grown in Canada, believes that we should consider buying more homegrown foods for the sake of taste, nutrition and our economy. Ten days after being launched, the video, which is a product of the brand’s ‘Eat Real, Eat Local‘ campaign, had elicited 50,000 hits on YouTube and, to date, the video has managed to wrangle up 18 million consumer impressions. Buying Canadian-grown food huh? Well we think that’s an idea we could sink our teeth into.