Eminem relapses

We're not sure what's scarier: all the blood, Eminem, or the pensive mannequin. 


advertiser: Interscope Records
artist: Eminem
song title: 3 A.M.
agency: Omelet
ECD: Shervin Samari
ACD: Sarah Cathcart
senior interactive AD: Alex Voltz
copywriter: Ryan Stoner
interactive designer: Mat Aihara
DOP: Peta Martin
interactive producer: Chad Bauer
video producer: Johnny Stewart
executive producer: Steven Amato, Ryan Fey
prodco: Robot Films
director: Syndrome
EP: Rosanne Cunningham
producer: Clark Jackson
DP: Brandon Cox
editor: David Blackburn
director’s rep: Robin Frank Management
video commissioner: Randy Sosin

This really, really cracked commercial is one part of an integrated multimedia campaign promoting rapper Eminem’s new album, Relapse, developed by LA-based Omelet. The effort also includes print ads, OOH and viral components and an experiential website that are all just as creepy as the commercial. The creative revolves around the music video for a track off the album called ‘3 A.M.,’ which was helmed by directorial collective Syndrome. We suggest that if you plan on sleeping sometime soon you think twice before taking a peek at that gruesome bad boy, but if you really want to, click here. Just remember, we warned you.