Go to Hell!

Dante traverses the nine circles of Hell and this time, he kicks some major ass along the way.



advertiser: Electronic Arts
agency: G-Net, Los Angeles
executive producers: David Getson, David Moodie, John Rosenberg
CD: David Moodie
writer: David Moodie
original score: Garry Schyman
sound design: Paul Gorman, David Swenson
additional titles: Devan Simunovich
production supervisor: Shelby Hill
media editor: Alik Griffin
prodco: Psyop, New York
director: Psyop
Psyop CD: Eben Mears
executive producer: Lucia Grillo
producer: Carol Collins
design director: Jon Saunders
designer: Anh Vu
storyboard artist: Ben Chan
3D look and development: Marco Iozzi
matte painter: Pete Sickbert-Bennett
technical directors: Tony Barbieri, Damon Ciarelli, Miguel A. Salek, Lee Wolland
3D team: Helen Choi, Tom Cushwa, Pete Devlin, Rei Ito

Psyop developed this wicked-cool trailer for the upcoming Dante’s Inferno for EA Games, working with Los Angeles-based G-Net. Dante’s descent into Hades is a little different in this incarnation of the Divine Comedy as this time he takes with him a death-dealing scythe weapon – all the better for waxing the demonic denizens of the underworld – and some major attitude. No one messes with Dante’s glowing white woman, not even Satan.