Home vacay

Who knew that dull old Canada was so chalk-full of surprises and crazy places to explore? Canadians. That's who.


advertiser: Canadian Tourism Commission
agency: DDB Vancouver

Having trouble figuring out where to go on vacation? Are you dreaming about desert-like dunes, volcanoes on the verge of the pacific, or tropic-like waters, but don’t have the budget to fly to that exotic locale? Don’t worry, you can have all that without even leaving the country. Kind of surprised? The Canadian Tourism Commission is betting you are. Working with DDB Vancouver, the CTC has unveiled a new integrated, national campaign called ‘Locals Know’ that relies on Canadians to share great, local, unknown experiences with their fellow countrymen to promote domestic vacationing. Just think, you won’t even have to sew a maple leaf on your backpack. Score.