Idiots are out there

This guy's anything but a straight shooter when it comes to driving between the lines.


advertiser: MADD Canada
agency: TBWAToronto
executive CD: Anthony Wolch
CD/writer: James Ansley
AD: Denise Cole
agency producer: Nadya MacNeil
account director: Helen Winfield
director: Adam Massey
prodco: Holiday Films, Toronto
executive producers: Derek Sewell, Josefina Nadurata
line producer: Tim Corrigan
DOP: Barry Parrell
editor: Brian Noon, Traffik Edit, Toronto
sound design: Julian Rudd, Vapor Music, Toronto

This PSA developed by TBWAToronto depicting the fictional talk show Stayin’ on Road introduces viewers to Len, a gent who is intent on sharing his sage advice on how to properly drive drunk. What is crystal clear is that our friend Len is an idiot. The spot is one of four featuring other idiots and their tips on driving impaired launched by MADD Canada as part of its Campaign 911, a nation-wide campaign encouraging Canadians to report drivers they suspect of being impaired. The sad part is it’s more than likely that after a few beers some people would take Len’s advice to heart. Like the campaign tagline says, ‘Idiots are out there.’