It’s the Slap Chop

ShamWhat? That's right he's back, but this time he's peddling something new. Think bitchy karate guy that cuts vegetables.


advertiser: Slap Chop
agency: Kingstar Media

Because we’re fond of novelty, here you go. We’re sure you recognize this guy. His name’s Vince Offer A.K.A. the ShamWow guy, thrust into North American pop culture by being the emphatic spokesperson/star in the ShamWow infomercials. Well, now he’s back on Canadian TV courtesy of Toronto-based DR agency Kingstar Media, this time armed with his newest product, Slap Chop, the manual chopper machine. See if you can count how many times he says that one in the commercial. Slap Chop…ShamWow. Sweet. We give two thumbs up to whoever names these things.