Jive turkey

American friends, be thankful that this little girl isn't sitting at your table this Thanksgiving.


advertiser: PETA Los Angeles
agency: Matter
CD: Dan Neri
copywriter: Brian Miller
producer: Jeff Maier
prodco: Über Content, Los Angeles
director: Dave Laden
executive producers: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig, Steve Wi
line producer: Tom Lowe
DOP: Darko Suvak
editorial company: Arcade Edit, Los Angeles
editor: Patrick Griffin
executive producer, Arcade Edit: Damian Stevens
post producer: Ali Reed
visual effects: Airship Post, Los Angeles
smoke artist: Chris Homel
telecine: Company 3, Los Angeles
telecine producer, Company 3: Matt Moran
colorist: Steve Rodriguez
mix: Wholly Cow, Los Angeles
mixers: Steve Gregan and Sara
composer: Johnny Sabino, Mystique-Music, Los Angeles

In typical buzz-killing fashion, PETA got L.A.-based Matter to craft this ad, which does its best to ruin Thanksgiving for those of us who actually enjoy eating meat. Apparently, the little girl saying grace is content to rain on everyone’s parade, but doesn’t actually have the conviction to go out and buy herself a tofurkey, or do anything that’s actually constructive. Hmm…suddenly we have a craving for 100 drumsticks.