John Lennon 2.0

John Lennon may not have been more popular than Jesus, but it seems they've both risen from the grave and caused quite a ruckus


advertiser: One Laptop Per Child
agency: Taxi, New York
CCO/writer: Paul Lavoie
CD/AD: Patrick Chaubet
AD: Maxime Patenaude
executive producer: Aaron Royer
account director: Michelle Teramatsu
prodco: ZOIC

Taxi New York brought John Lennon back to life in this spot that broke on Christmas Day, part of One Laptop Per Child’s 2008 campaign to fund the delivery of its XO laptop computers to children in the developing world. Using existing archived footage of the former Beatle, digitally altered, Lennon tells viewers to imagine a world where every child could access a world of knowledge. Some viewers no doubt dashed off to grab their chequebooks, but others rushed to their keyboards to complain about dead celeb manipulation. What’s your take on it all?


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