Kick the habit

Viagra can help to stop that rampant strolling problem. 


advertiser: Viagra
agency: Taxi Canada
CCO: Steve Mykolyn
executive CD: Darren Clarke
director: The Perlorian Brothers
AD/copywriters: Stefan Wegner, Nathan Monteith
account directors: Christopher Andrews, Rob Feightner
planner: Adam Collins
post-production: School Editing
editor: Brian Wells
copywriter: Emilie Larocque
CD: Alexandre Gadoua
producer: Eugene Marchio
account manager: Julie McGregor
prodco: Soft Citizen, Furlined
cinematographer: Marten Tedin

Have an addiction to over-enthusiastic leisure time hobbies? Viagra can help. This spot, created by Taxi Canada, focuses on a gentleman who confesses that he and his wife suffered from a very disturbing addiction to ‘casual-walkititus,’ or strolling, until that little blue super pill came along to save the day.