Lay’s goes local

Campaign recipe calls for Canadian spuds.


advertiser: Frito Lay Canada
agency: BBDO Toronto
executive CD: Ian Mackellar
CDs: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
AD: Carlos Moreno
copywriter: Peter Ignazi
agency producer: Megan Flett
prodco: Sons and Daughters, Toronto
director: David Hicks
executive producers: Dan Ford, Liane Thomas
DPs: J Cliff, Chris Mably
editor: Gord Koch
colourist: Notch
on line editor: Steve Coulter, The Juggernaut
audio: Ricochet
audio producer/sound engineer: Sonny Keyes
account management: Cheryl Gosling, Charmaine Ho

Farmer Joe boasts of his beloved Lay’s chips and their 100% Canadian potato content. No segue required.