Leather fetish

Axe suggests that dudes should smell like leather for her pleasure.


advertiser: Axe North America
prodco: Blacklist, New York
executive producer: Adina Sales
producers: Alexander Unick, Karen Lawler
director: againstallodds
CD (againstallodds): Derek Picken
exec producer (againstallodds): Josh Thorne
production coordinator (againstallodds): Rima Kassar
3D/VFX: Milford, Stockholm
TD/supervisor: John Roxenhed
producer: Johan Gustavsson
AD: Johan Moberg
lighting TD: Robert Krupa
music: Moodswing
composers: Pedro Marques, Jean-Paul Wall
singer: Saphir Cristal Stoffels Fernandes Tavares
audio finishing: Audio Engine
audio engineer: Carl Mandelbaum

New York-based prodco Blacklist developed this sexy spot for Axe‘s Instinct, a new leather-scented fragrance. Now dudes can not only look cool in leather jackets, but smell just as good as they look. And as this spot illustrates, that seems to be something that the chicas could really get into…or under. So to sum up: wearing leather, good. Smelling like leather, even better. That being said…weird.