Like a rollercoaster

Taxi 2 brings a head-turning, arm-raising DIY element to its latest stunt for Mini.


advertiser: Mini Canada
agency: Taxi 2
ECD: Lance Martin
ACD: Jordan Doucette
editor: Tyler Strahl
account director: Jared Stein
account manager: Tina Tieu

Lance Martin, ECD of Toronto-based Taxi 2, used the power of his creative brain to come up with a real hands-off approach to promoting the new 2009 Mini convertible. He created a set of strap-on, outstretched arms – which he built in his basement – and he attached them to the driver’s seat of one of the vehicles, which he then drove around downtown Toronto. This video chronicles the reactions of Torontonians, many of whom couldn’t resist putting their own hands up in the air. It’s an idea that we think is most definitely deserving of a high-five. Maybe even two simultaneously.