Living Olympic

In advance of the Vancouver Olympics, Coca-Cola is urging Canadians to go for the green.


advertiser: Coca-Cola Canada
agency: MacLaren McCann
executive CD: Sean Davison
CDs: Wade Hesson, Robert Kingston
writer: Lauren McCrindle
AD: Erin Wendel
group account director: Kathleen Moss
account director: Rebecca Stutley
senior account exedcutive: Emily MacLaurin-King
broadcast production/agency producer: Sarah Michener
prodco: Code Films
line producer: Gillian Marr
executive producer: Thomas Rickert
director: Fredrik Callingard
DOP: Jo Eken Torp
edit house: Panic & Bob
editor: David Baxter
music house: Vapor Music
pst FX: Dave Giles, AXYZ

This ad by MacLaren McCann for Coca-Cola Canada is part a fully integrated marketing campaign launched by the popco leading up to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Supporting the Torch Relay, it invites Canadians to ‘live Olympic’ by promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmental sustainability, offering consumers the chance to carry the Olympic Flame for Coca-Cola. Or as one pundit described it, ‘like the RBC ad, but more ‘youthy’ and without animated dudes’.