Losing teeth happens

It looks like the only thing this guy didn't lose over his tooth problems was his head.


advertiser: Blue Shield of California
agency: Taxi, New York
executive CD: Ron Smrczek
writer: Madeleine Di Gangi
AD: Anne Bioty
agency producer: Linda Rafoss
prodco: Epoch Films
prodco producer: Timory King
executive producer: Charlie Cocuzza
director: Phil Morrison
editor: Tom Scherma
video post facility: Cosmo Street Editorial
compositor: Nice Shoes
special FX: Cut & Run
colourist: Company 3
music house: COLOR
account director: James Ha
agency planner: Caroline Krediet
media agency: Carat Media
media agency planner: Tavo Castro

When kids lose a tooth they get to look forward to the Tooth Fairy leaving some cash under their pillow and, more importantly, growing a shiny new adult tooth to replace the one they lost. When adults lose a tooth they aren’t so lucky. There’s no Tooth Fairy. Raw deal, huh? This commercial by Taxi New York shows that insurance companies like Blue Shield of California are there to act as pseudo-Tooth Fairies for adults, helping them to pay for replacement molars.