Man-parrot Paul

It's quite evident that Paul likes to have a few more than just a cracker. 


advertiser: Vinta Crackers
agency: zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
associate CD: Michael Clowater
AD: Niall Kelly
writers: Michael Clowater, Peter Gardner
coach: Andy Macaulay
planner: Tania Gregory
project manager: Hayley Schipper
print production: Jen Dark
studio artist: Dwain Jones
agency producer: Anna Tricinci
prodco: Smuggler @ Soft Citizen
director: Jun Diaz
DOP: Adam Marsden
executive producer: Eva Preger, Link York
head of production: Rob Burns
line producer: Cindy Marshall
puppet-maker: Legacy Effects, Los Angeles
editing house: School Editing
editor: Griff Henderson
editor’s assistant: Tasha Litt
post FX: Method Studios, NYC
music company: RMW Music
music director: Ted Rosnick
sound designer: Ted Rosnick
sound engineer: Tyson Kuteyi

Paul’s penchant for cramming down the crackers, judging by the way his wife is acting, has put him squarely in the dog hou…er…birdhouse. He’s a half-man, half-parrot character created by zig for the purposes of raising awareness for Dare FoodsVinta Crackers. Paul often finds that his love for these crackers gets him into precarious positions with wifey. Maybe he should seriously consider keeping his beak shut.