Needn’t be glum, chum!

RBC gets shiny and happy with claymation.


agency: BBDO Toronto
title: Shiny Happy Relay
CD: Carlos Moreno & Peter Ignazi
copywriter: Peter Ignazi
AD: Carlos Moreno
agency producer: Sarah Moen
prodco: The Ebeling Group
executive producer: Amy Fahl
producer: Giles Skillicorn
director: Bitstate
post/FX: Ricochet, Toronto
online editor: Dan McCarthy
sound: TA2 Music, Toronto
composer: Steve Gadsden, Tommy Zee
music house producer: Steve Gadsden, Tommy Zee
planner: Lori Davison
account management: Lori Davison, Aimee DeParolis

Olympic torch-bearing and environmental do-gooding never looked so cheery.


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