Pickle search and rescue

Rescue those Bick's from the back of your fridge.


advertiser: Bick’s Pickles
agency: Ogilvy & Mather Canada
CD: Janet Kestin
writer: Chris Dacyshyn
AD: Nadine Prada
producer: Tara Handley
prodco: Wilfrid Park
VFX: Crush
audio house: Vapour Music

Ogilvy & Mather in Toronto worked with Wilfrid Park and Crush to develop this spot for Bick’s pickles. Often times, pickles get lost amongst the clutter in your fridge, migrating to the back, left alone and forgotten. Well, Bick’s thinks enough’s enough. That’s right pickle lovers, Bick’s wants you to launch your own search-and-rescue mission and save your pickles from food obscurity. But, what happens if there are no Bick’s in your fridge, you ask? Well, we guess you’d be in quite a…pickle, wouldn’t you?