Salty’s last stand

Salty's one smooth criminal.


advertiser: Unilever, Knorr
agency: DDB, Toronto
CD: Andrew Simon
associate CDs: David Ross, Paul Wallace
ADs: Paul Wallace, Jorgen Stovne
copywriters: David Ross, Ryan Hamacher
agency producers: Andrew Schulze, Marie-Pierre Toure
account services: Wendy Caricari, Jaqui Faclier, Rachel Selwood, Tamara Gervais, Emily Ward
manager community engagement: Dana Rudelier
supervisor community cultivation: Matthew Nelson
manager community cultivation: Cameron Reed
director: David Hicks
prodco: Sons and Daughters
executive producer: Dan Ford
line producer: Rob Allan
DOP: Adam Marsden
character design: Bigshot Toyworks
editorial: Pete McAuley, AXYZ, Toronto
VFX: AXYZ, Toronto
VXF producer: Irene Payne
compositor: James Andrews
animators: Dennis Turner, Mario Marengo
colourists: Bill Ferwerda, Notch, Toronto
music & sound design: Paul Seeley

Salty is making his last stand. In this third and final spot for Knorr’s Sidekicks featuring the sullen little salt shaker, rejection finally sends him over the edge and in a fit of inconsolable depression, Salty makes a rash decision that puts him up the creek without a paddle. For those whose compassion runs deep and feel Salty should have a place in someone’s home, you can order your very own Salty via, though much to Salty’s chagrin, he will come accompanied by his usually better-off buddy Pep.


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