Salty’s sad :-(

The poor little guy's none too happy about what Knorr's doing.


advertiser: Knorr
agency: DDB Canada, Toronto
CD: Andrew Simon
ADs: Paul Wallace, Shelley Lewis
copywriter: David Ross
agency producer: Andrew Schulze
director: David Hicks
Prodco: Sons and Daughters, Toronto
executive producer: Dan Ford
line producer: Rob Allan
DOP: Adam Marsden
editor: Brian Williams, Panic and Bob, Toronto
visual FX: AXYZ, Toronto
producer: Irene Payne
on set SFX supervisor: Dave Giles
lead animator/shading/lighting: Dennis Turner
shading/lighting: Mario Marengo
tracking/shading/lighting: Jerry Corda-Stanley
inferno artists: Andres Kirejew, Terry Power
colourist: Bill Ferwerda, Notch, Toronto
music: How am I Supposed to Live Without You, Michael Bolton
music house: RMW, Toronto

Salty could hardly believe it when he heard the news that day. Because Knorr Sidekicks now has 25% less sodium, he had to run away. He wandered all night long in the pouring rain because his heart was broken. He couldn’t bear the pain. This tragic spot was developed for Knorr by DDB Canada in Toronto. Just try and not feel bad for this little guy. Though thanks to the musical stylings of cheeseball Michael Bolton, the only tears we shed were because we were laughing too hard. Poor, poor Salty. Godspeed little white porcelain man. Godspeed.