Snacks are not invited

Excel helps you give clingy food stuffs the slip.


advertiser: Excel Gum
agency: BBDO, Toronto
CD/copywriter: Ian MacKellar
AD: Todd Cornelius
agency producers: A. Caverly, Beatrice Bodogh
prodco: Sons & Daughters, Toronto
producer: CJ Jervey
director: Matt Eastman
DOP: Chris Mably
animator: Fuel, Australia
editorial: Ricochet, Toronto
off line editor: Gord Koch
transfer: Alter Ego
colourist: Wade
sound/music house: Ricochet, Toronto
engineer: Sonny Keyes
account management: Janette Thomas, Patty Moher, Robin Steele

This spot for Excel by BBDO teaches a valuable lesson: That hot chick that answers the door won’t let you in if you arrive with an animated coffee, doughnut and onion posse. Excel will not only ‘excelerate your breath,’ it’ll accelerate your way into that party.


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