Space case

We didn't realize that beauty came boxed.


advertiser: IKEA Canada
agency: zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
associate CDs: Michael Murray, Jason Hill
writer: Geoff Morgan
french writer: Gerald Coulombe
AD: Mark Puchala
agency producer: Anna Tricinci
planner: Mark Aronson
coach: Shelley Brown
team leader: Lesley Rivard
project manager: Hailey Anevich
production company: OPC
executive producer: Harland Weisz
producer: Donovan Boden
production manager: Chad Smith
production coordinator: Jole Kondrat
editor: Greg Edgar
assistant editor: Nicole Sison
director: Johan Perjus
DOP: Chris Marly
digital FX: Swiss International AB
digital FX supervisor: Erik Holmedal
casting: Fade to Black
audio producer/sound design: Ted Rosnick, RMW Music
engineer: Tyson Kuteyi

Ikea Canada recently launched a campaign for the release of its 2010 catalogue, which features this TV spot developed by Zig. The effort uses the tagline, ‘Any Space Can Be Beautiful,’ which will be laced into Ikea’s future marketing, and marks the first time the company has directly connected a slogan to the launch of a new catalogue. People with ugly rooms can also visit a microsite and upload pictures of spaces in need of beautification. We doubt that it will actually involve an exploding box of post-its.