Sweater sabotage

A good whiskey-drinking man knows how to outwit the wife.


advertiser: Corby Distilleries
agency: john st.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
writer: Chris Hirsch
AD: Nellie Kim
account team: Adam Zolis, Ryan O’Hagan
agency producer: Nicole Andrisevic, TV
agency producer: Mavis Huntley, Web
director: Craig Brownrigg
editor: Griff Henderson
audio: Vapor Music
prodco (TV): Radke Film Group
prodco (Web): Pixel Pusher

This humorous spot by john st. for Wiser’s Canadian Whiskey shows that those seeking membership in the Wiserhood must be most devious in nature. Well played, sir. Well played. The campaign includes an online clubhouse for those who wish to join, or already have joined, the Wiserhood.