The gauntlet

This mystery scooter driver is a big-time glutton for punishment.


advertiser: Armadillo
agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
CD: Alvaro Sotomayor
copywriter: Carlo Cavallone
agency producers: Abi Findlay, Alice Carlisle
prodco: Stink
director: Darkfibre
executive producer: Blake Powell
producer: Anna Smith
DOP: Michael Bonvillian
edit house: Lost Planet
editor: Nick Lofting

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam teamed up with London-based directing duo DarkFibre, London prodco Stink and DOP Michael Bonvillian of Cloverfield, Zombieland, and Lost fame to create this short film for Armadillo Scooterwear. Set in a distopian concrete jungle, the protganist, a mystery scooter driver, traverses a hostile landscape, thwarting panes of glass, walls of concrete and flame, and party clowns – thanks to his Armadillo Scooterwear. If you own a scooter remember this: beware of custard pies.