The lottery that gives a little more

A happy ending for a child could win someone their dream home.


advertiser: IWK Children’s Hospital
agency: Extreme Group, Halifax
CD: Shawn King
ACD: Cliff Thompson
account director: Gina Connell
account manager: Travis Smith
AD: Tyson Hynes
copywriter: Trevor Mills
photo illustration: Darren Hubley
project manager: Joyce Nifort
production house: Hatch Post
producers: Mike Hachey, Tony Sasso

Lottery ads can be yelly. At the Extreme end of the spectrum, there’s a soothing storybook with a happy ending. To separate itself from other dream home lotteries, the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax has launched a new campaign that aims to highlight the cause behind the lottery – raising funds to help children. Developed by Halifax-based Extreme Group, this spot is part of a multi-faceted effort that includes print and radio ads, posters, direct mail and an online component.