The mythic polar bear

This gent has embarked on a harrowing mission that will take his survival skills to their limit. 


advertiser: The Toronto Zoo
agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto,
CD: Christina Yu
AD: Stephanie Yung
copywriter: Daniel Bonder
producer: Brie Gowans
prodco: Untitled Films
director: Curtis Wehrfritz
editor: Chris Parkins, Rooster

Polar bears have made their long-awaited return to the Toronto Zoo, appearing in a new 10-acre habitat called the Tundra Trek. To spread a little bit of excitement about these seemingly mythical beasts Lowe Roche developed this spot about a courageous explorer who decides to brave the harshest of conditions to clear the clouds of mystery that hang about these magnificent creatures. Using some…nay…all of his cunning, and his remarkable ability to blend in with his environment, this intrepid wanderer gets up close and personal with one of nature’s most spectacular and daunting denizens.