The Pen’s G

The Penguins winning the Stanley Cup? It ain't nothin' but a G thang.


advertiser: Gatorade
agency: TBWAToronto
CD: Joe Amaral
copywriter: Jason Locey
AD: Rodger Eyre
editors: Stephen Parker & David Quach
producer: Vanessa Birze
account director: Patrick LeMoine
account executive: Renzo Mendoza

TBWAToronto developed this spot to congratulate the Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins while keeping in line with Gatorade‘s overall strategy of celebrating ‘G’ moments – like a team coming together to win hockey’s most coveted prize. TBWA worked with OMD and CBC to run the spot as content during the post-game while the winners were celebrating, the awards were being presented and the players were being interviewed following game seven of the Stanley Cup final against the Detroit Red Wings. To accomplish that, TBWA had to develop two spots: this one, and another congratulating the Red Wings had they won. Talk about a team coming together. Too bad for Detroit though. What a low down dirty shame…that is if you’re a Detroit fan. Suckers.